Review: Passenger

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Aspiring young violinist Etta Spencer devotes all her time and energy to her musical career to distract herself from the reality of her distant mother.  The moment she picks up her bow at a private performance at the Met, Etta sets in motion a series of events that puts everyone she loves in danger and casts her life off course. She is transported through time and learns of her time travelling heritage from her captors. Together with the young sea captain Nicholas Carter, Etta must retrieve the coveted object her mother hid in the folds of time before the powerful Ironwood family can get it in their clutches. 

I am a huge fan of nautical adventures (particularly the exploits of Horatio Hornblower) and when I heard that Alexandra Bracken's new series featured sailors I had to get a copy of the book! Passenger is an enjoyable read rich with historical details and imagery of foreign places no doubt coloured by Bracken's own adventures (her Instagram is full of photos from trips overseas). As a classicist, I appreciated Bracken's historic descriptions and yearn to find a astrolabe so I can travel through time myself! Etta's urgency to save her mom and violin instructor Alice is only interrupted by some welcome romance. It took me much longer than usual to read a book of this size, not because of the content, but my own surroundings. I took a week off to visit my boyfriend's family and do touristy things at Niagara Falls. While my exploits may have taken up reading time, my boat ride under the falls really added to my experience of the book, especially the parts at sea!

In case this review hasn't persuaded you to read the book take a look at this gorgeous book trailer:

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