Love-a-thon Mini-Challenge 6: Valentine's Care Package

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a surprise care package from one of your best book buddies? Didn’t think so! If you had the opportunity to surprise one or more of your favorite characters with a care package for Valentine’s Day, what would you be sure to include? Have fun virtually shopping for the character(s) you love and let us know via photos, collages, etc., what you would love to send them!

When I think of care packages I immediately think of college/university students and the fictional college student in dire need of a care package has to be Cath from Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. 

Since the challenge is to make a Valentines Care Package I have envisioned a little package that Levi would put together for her. Cath is a diehard fan of the Simon Snow books and avid reader so I could see Levi picking her up some funko figures of her favourite characters, Simon and Baz, to adorn her dorm room bookshelf. 
 (I used this website create these funkos of Simon and Baz)

 Levi would probably throw in a fan-made poster and a map of the school.

Wouldn't these look great on Cath's bookshelves or on her dorm room wall?

I can also see Levi, the sweetheart that he is, going to Cath’s dad’s house and putting together a photo album of her with her dad and Wren, no doubt adding photos of himself and Reagan in the album. 

He would also throw in some of her favourite protein bars for Cath’s writing sprints and for when she would like to avoid the cafeteria. 

Lastly, Levi would get Cath a reusable cup for all the specialty drinks he makes working at Starbucks.
 *Bonus Item* Levi would also throw in some of Kanye's best for the next time the two have an emergency dance party. 

Does anyone have any other ideas that would go in a Fangirl care package? 

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  1. Replies
    1. My sister LOVES them! Whats your favourite flavour?

  2. This package is awesome and I totally think Cath would love it!! She'd fangirl over everything, lol ;)

  3. Oh! I did Cath too and we used the same Kanye West CD haha! I like the photo album idea, I could see Levi putting too many embarrassing selfies of himself in there!

    1. I am going to go and look at yours right now! Its funny we chose the same album!

  4. Levi is such a great character, I love all the things you chose for him :)

    1. Thanks! He is super sweet I can totally see him doing this for Cath


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