Review: Empire of Storms

Friday, September 16, 2016

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius has revealed herself to the world as the Queen of Terrasen, come to reclaim her crown and her land but the lords of Terrasen will not recognize her as their queen. Aelin and her court must fight against time to recruit allies and fight the rising forces of the dark lord Erawan. 

By protecting Dorian Havillard from the Yellowlegs unleashed on Adarlan by Erawan,  Manon Blackbeak has betrayed her grandmother. But after hearing Asterin’s story Manon no longer blindly follows her grandmother and thus endangers not only herself but also her Thirteen. 

Elide is now free from her uncle Vernon and the confines of Morath but she finds herself hunted by its terrors, the ilken, and a fae warrior who she cannot distinguish as friend from foe. 

Since I started re-reading the Throne of Glass series tis spring I have been eagerly anticipating Empire of Storms and it has definitely lived up to the hype! It was action packed with fierce battles with high stakes. As we follow the jounery of the characters we have come to love it is delightful to see all their paths finally cross and to learn of the destiny that awaits them. I absolutely loved it! Growing up I loved fantasy books and the author that seemed to be a cut above the rest to me was Tamora Pierce. Sure, I loved reading Tolkien, Lewis and Alexander’s epic tales of good against evil in fantastic lands but Tamora Pierce stood apart. In her worlds of Tortall and Emelan good fought against evil but it was the girls who took up arms. Pierce’s fantasy series starring strong heroines who are supported by a group of friends really meant a lot to me growing up, and now, reading Sarah J. Maas I get the same feeling I did when I read Tamora Pierce then. 

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