Review: Warcross

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

When Emika Chen hacks into the opening of the international Warcross Championship her whole world changes. She goes from working as a bounty hunter and part time waitress in her dingy New York apartment with less that $20 in her bank account to a glamorous life in Tokyo as a wild card player in the Warcross championship. When Warcross creator, Hideo Tanaka, saw her hack into his game he immediately hires her to use her hacking skills to catch Player 0, a mysterious hacker. Emika must help her teammates to win the championship and get closer to Player 0, but soon she finds herself distracted by her enigmatic and handsome employer. 

Warcross was a lot of fun! While reading I could imagine the everything vividly. I’ve never read anything by Marie Lu before and I hope that I haven’t spoiled myself by reading her best book yet! The plot was exciting,with high stakes and lots of action. The Warcross worlds in the game were amazing and brought me back to my days watching my siblings master Super and Paper Mario. The futuristic world full of neon lights gave me a Big Hero 6 vibe, really letting me imagine the world more fully. I have to say that as much as I loved the story it was the characters that got to me. Especially the captain of Emika’s team. He is one of the few handicapped characters I have seen in YA that wasn’t driven by his disability at all. He was athletic and competitive, a leader to his team, and also happened to be in a wheelchair. Props to Marie Lu for more representation! I am looking forward to reading the finished copy of Warcross to see if anything has changed! 

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