Review: Glass Sword

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

After Maven’s betrayal, Mare and Cal join forces with the Scarlet Guard and head to their secret headquarters on an island called Tuck. But the Red resistance is not so different from the cruel Silver elite, and against orders Mare, Cal, Farley, Kilorn and Shade go looking for the Newbloods on the list Julian had compiled and given to Mare, a list that is also in the possession of the king.  As Mare finds and recruits her Newblood army she can’t escape Maven, the boy she once loved, and she struggles to trust anyone around her in this fight against evil. 

I enjoyed this book, but not as much as I enjoyed the first book. I loved watching Mare learn to navigate the Silver Court and get acquainted with the different Houses and their powers in Red Queen. In Glass Sword, Mare races against the clock to find and recruit the Newbloods before Maven can get to them. The reign of terror under Maven and Mare and Cal’s reactions to his betrayal add a new level of urgency to the series. I enjoyed meeting the Newbloods and seeing their unique powers. It will be interesting to see where Mare’s story will go next in the third book King’s Cage. 

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