Review: Zenith

Sunday, August 14, 2016

When the Marauder, the vessel of the fierce Bloody Baroness and her crew, is boarded by the man Captain Androma Racella had left for dead years ago, all hell breaks loose. Her former lover and master, still reeling from being abandoned by her years ago, brings an unwelcome proposition from another man from her past. Governor Cyprian offers to clear all Andi's crimes if she and her crew go and search for his missing son. But the task is not so simple, seeking out the missing prince Valen means coming up against the dangerous empire of Xen Ptera. Not to mention the entire mission brings up painful memories of Cyprian's daughter and the manner of her death. 

Zenith was initially released as a serialized e-book which swiftly became a New York bestseller. Recently, however, authors Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings announced that Zenith will now be published in print by Harlequin Teen. 

Since Zenith was released as a serial it left the reader wanting more. We were given hints into Andi's past, her relationship with Dex, and her guilt over Kaley's death. Zenith was filled with action and snappy dialogue and promised the reader lots more to come. I would have enjoyed reading Zenith as a serial but I am also looking forward to seeing it in print!

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