Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Booktuber ReadByZoe started the Austentatious Book Club back in August beginning with Pride and Prejudice.  While I have been keeping up with the book club these past few months I have not kept up with posting about it! I had not read either Persuasion of Northangar Abbey before but I had seen the film adaptations and loved them. I did not enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed reading Pride and Prejudice back in August. 

 Persuasion was not as enjoyable to me, I did not find Anne Eliot to be very relatable. Northangar Abbey was a little silly. 

This month's book, Emma, has been a delight to read. Emma, to me, is the most relatable of Jane Austen's heroines. Emma is a young woman, a little entitled and spoiled but well meaning and kind. Emma struggles to meet the expectations of those around her while still being herself, and often envies the praise directed at her peer Jane Fairfax. In a world in which we know all our friends's every move (Facebook, twitter), it is easy to feel a little envious of our peers and even to unconsciously compete with them. I think Emma is my favourite book of Jane Austen's so far. I would be interested to read (or maybe one day write!) a book about Jane's point of view of the events in the book. I would like to read about her meeting with Frank Churchill and how they fell in love, and kept that love a secret. 


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