Review: Wayfarer

Monday, January 23, 2017

After Etta Spencer became an orphan in time after the confrontation with the Thorns in Damascus, Nicholas Carter desparately searches for the last common date  in order to reunite with his beloved. Nicholas finds an unlikely ally in Sophia, betrayed and left for dead by the Thorns, she and Nicholas grudgingly work together to find Etta and prevent the astrolabe from falling into the hands of Cyrus Ironwood. 

Meanwhile, Etta awakens to find herself amidst the Thorns, a group of Travellers actively fighting against the Ironwoods to restore history to the original timeline. Etta is surprised to find Julian, Nicholas' half brother, among their numbers as a willing prisoner. Etta is even more surprised that she finally finds the love and acceptance she has always craved from Henry Hemlock, the leader of the Thorns and her father.  Henry tells Etta about her mother's obsession with the astrolabe and convinces her of the importance of reverting back to the original timeline. 

Both Etta and Nicholas race to find the astrolabe  whilst fighting to get back to each other. But other forces, far more sinister than the Ironwoods, also seek the astrolabe and they will stop at nothing to get it in their clutches. 

After reading Passenger last summer I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Wayfarer and I was thrilled to get it for my birthday. Like Passenger, Wayfarer is full of action, romance and historical details. Alexandra Bracken really has a way with words, turning simple descriptions into poetry. I found Julian's reaction to another character's death particularly moving. I absolutely loved Wayfarer and raced to finish it! Five stars! 

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