Review: Caraval

Sunday, February 26, 2017

On the bleak isle of Trisda  daydreams of the magic of Caraval distract Scarlett Dragna from the reality of her abusive father. For years Scarlett wrote to Caraval's master Legend, in the hope that she and her sister Tell would be whisked away to participate in the game and escape the violence of their everyday lives. Soon Scarlett puts such dreams aside, seeing her imminent wedding to the mysterious count as her, and Tella's, way out at last. But when her invitation to Caraval finally arrives Scarlett is desperate not to let anything ruin her wedding, not even a ticket to the most magical place on earth. Scarlett is forced to act when Tella recklessly leaves Trisda with a charming sailor after the latest brutal attack from their father. Tella and Scarlett are separated and handsome Julien offers to help Scarlett find her sister in return for one of the coveted tickets.  Scarlett discovers that Caraval is not the harmless magical game she was led to believe but a dangerous, desperate race against the clock to save her sister and become the mistress of her own fate.

Reading Caraval was utterly magical. The reader not only sees the magic of Caraval unfold but tastes and smells and feels it, experiencing everything along with Scarlett in the most magical way. Garber uses colours and imagery to describe Scarlett's emotions and it paints an exquisite picture not only of Scarlett's feelings but paints a new and invigorating world for readers to lose themselves in. All the times I thought I knew where the story was going I was pleasantly surprised at every turn. I absolutely loved it! 

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