Review: Reign of Shadows

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Seventeen years ago the eclipse cast in the world into darkness. Luna grows up using the darkness to hone her other senses to survive and to combat the monsters that crawled from the earth to feast on human flesh. But Luna is safe from these monsters high in her tower with Perla and Sivo, who saved her life on the night she was born. Alone with only Perla and Sivo for company Luna longs for a chance to prove herself and she leaps at the chance to save a group of travellers from the monstrous Dwellers. Amongst the trio of travellers is Fowler. Fowler is just as fierce and capable as Luna but unlike her he prefers to look after only himself. When the king's men stumble upon the tower Luna is no longer safe and Perla and Sivo send her out into the world with Fowler for her own safety. All her life Luna had wished for a chance to leave her tower but  once she has it  she wishes for her life to return to the way it was before. Fowler proves to be a silent and sullen companion but soon they learn to lean on each other for survival. 

Reign of Shadows is an iterating new take on the Rapunzel tale full of twists and turns and surprises. Jordan has created a  rich world full of wonder and danger and I am looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel Rise of Fire.  

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