Review: A Court of Mist and Fury

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

After Feyre saved all Prythian from Amarantha’s clutches, she is free to have her happily ever after with Tamlin. But the events under the mountain left deep scars and Feyre has trouble adjusting to life as it was before. When the High Lord of the Night Court calls in his bargain, Feyre must go with him against Tamlin’s wishes. But Feyre discovers there is more to Rhyshand’s court of Nightmares than meets the eye and after a terrible betrayal Feyre chooses to stay on with Rhys and his inner circle to prepare for the imminent threat of Hybern. 

I had a lot of trouble getting my hands on this book. As I said before, immediately after finishing A Court of Thorns and Roses I preordered a copy of ACOMAF online. Since I ordered the signed copy it would not ship until two days after the release date of May 3rd. However, the book did not leave the warehouse until Friday night! So I had to wait all weekend. And of course when the delivery truck came on Monday I had just missed him and had to walk to the post office to finally get the book. But it was well worth it!

As much as I loved the first book, the second was even more amazing! A Court of Mist and Fury reveals more of the courts in Prythian, the Night and Summer court to be precise, and a plethora of new and delightful characters. Rhys’ inner circle are a group of interesting individuals that share a common bond that put me in mind of the characters of Tamora Pierce’s books set in Tortall. In addition to new settings and new characters Feyre  goes against new monsters that send shivers down your spine in the most delightful way. I really appreciated the way Feyre was deeply affected by her traumatizing experience under the mountain, and how Maas explored both the effects of depression in an individual and those surrounding her in a way that seems genuine. The book was entertaining from start to finish. It usually does not take me very long to read but I put off reading to prolong the experience as long as possible I loved it so much! 

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  1. The first book was an amazing telling of beauty and the best buuuut the second book was by far my favourite everything was much better and I found myself completely entranced by the night court ... Can't wait for the third .....seriously I might die waiting ... Lol

    1. Did you notice how this one is a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth? With a LOT of the Black Cauldron thrown in.


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