Throwback Thursday: That Time I Met Tamora Pierce

Thursday, June 02, 2016

It was fall 2004 when I discovered that Tamora Pierce would be coming to Toronto once again. This time the book signing would be in the evening and tickets were available by phone. I asked my mum if I could go and to my delight she said yes! She ordered three tickets, one for me and the other two for her and my dad. The event was held at the harbour front and it was quite fancy. Tammy introduced the book she was touring, Trickster’s Queen, she read an excerpt and answered some questions. Then we lined up to meet her. My mum decided to stay seated but my dad waited in line with me. I was very nervous, I was going to meet my hero after all, and I didn’t know how to convey what her books meant to me. Dad tried to ease my nerves by asking me what I would say to her (though this made me even more nervous!). Finally it was my turn. There she sat, with her partner Tim sitting next to her. I must have stared at her a bit because she said “Don’t worry I don’t bite- hard” I laughed nervously and thrust my book out to her. I babbled some questions, would she be writing more about Maura of Dunlath, would Briar, Sandry, Tris and Daja ever meet again after their travels in the Circle Opens. I remember asking the questions but I have no idea what she said in response. At the beginning of the event they said there would not be time to take pictures but while I had my book signed my dad managed to snap a quick picture with his cellphone. I walked away quite dazed but pleased. As we walked towards my seat we passed the table which displayed Tammy’s other books for purchase with a cardboard poster of the event. My dad, bless him, asked the women working there if we could have the poster as a souvenir. At first it seemed like she would refuse, saying, “there aren’t enough for everyone it wouldn’t be fair” but she did indeed give us a poster, although I do not know why she decided to do so. It was a really memorable night for me. I got to meet my favourite author, a woman I aspired to be like. But it was also memorable because I got a night out with my parents to myself. This was a rare experience for me. Being one of five kids it was not often I got my parents to myself and just the three of us went out that evening. We chatted on the drive there about school and when we arrived a little early I had Starbucks for the first time. In all, this night is one of my fondest memories. 

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