Review: Queen of Shadows

Thursday, June 16, 2016

After finally accepting the weight of her identity and her destiny, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius returns to Rifthold to seek out her old master in an attempt to retrieve the amulet of Orynth, the third Wyrdkey. When she learns that her cousin, Aedion, is to be executed on Prince Dorian’s birthday, she must join forces with the man who betrayed her and sent her to die in Endovier. While Aelin had been away and Aedion imprisoned, Chaol took up the mantle as the leader of the resistance. When his former lover returns Chaol struggles to find anything of Celaena in the fierce Aelin. But they work together in an effort to free Dorian from his new prison. Manon, now the wing leader, is faced with a difficult choice. Obey the orders of her grandmother and betray every value instilled in the Ironteeth witches by prostrating themselves to mortal men, or side with the Thirteen and protect the witches and their precious offspring from the rot of the King of Adarlan and Duke Perrington. 

This book was amazing from start to finish. There were more than a few instances in which I shrieked aloud “No no no” or even “yes" the action leading up to the conflict between Aelin and her enemy the King of Adarlan was very satisfying. The addition of the character Lysandra, who was once a rival in Celaena/Aelin’s past who becomes a powerful ally, was welcome. I found their friendship to be one of my favourite parts of the book. But my favourite scenes in the book involved  Manon and her Thirteen. Their own story arc was given momentum by the addition of a new character, Elide, who’s own POV drove some of the action. This book answered many questions readers have been asking since they picked up the first book in the series, and promises more action and intrigue in the upcoming books. 

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